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Luis Nieves
Architectural Designer

Luis has worked in architectural design since 2004 for a range of small architectural practices, design studios + planning consultants, building up an extensive knowledge base + skill set well suited to providing a full range of architectural design services.

Laura Nieves
Planning Consultant

Laura has worked as a planning officer since 2005 covering hundreds of major, + thousands of minor applications. She brings valuable insight into how proposals may be received by planning officers + has a good track record of winning planning appeals.

Nieves Design

Since 2013 Nieves Design Space has been providing professional plans + design services tailored to the individual needs of clients. No matter what the project, we excel at finding innovative architectural design solutions + have a proven track record of successful planning applications + appeals. Builders + Professionals recommend us because they like our proactive approach + clear designs. Clients recommend us because by treating each project separately, removing needless fees + combining various expenses into a fixed price, they know they will never be charged for work they don't need.

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